Always remember that you yourself will be the one who, carrying out your position with responsibility and intelligence, will give category and importance to your position. If we know our shortcomings, we can correct them. If you are nervous you can try to stop your impulses and not let yourself be carried away by them. A secretary should try to always improve their skills and if we have ability for a certain facet, exploit it.

Category Characteristics In A Secretary

Essential Characteristics In A Secretary

The profession of secretary is much more than a simple springboard to get closer to another position or to climb up in an organization. Undoubtedly the position of secretary of the company is a position of great importance and responsibility. In fact, it is very general to see new ads requesting a good number of qualified secretaries.

 8 Essential Characteristics In A Secretary


It is vital for a person who occupies especially a position of trust, as is the secretarial position, since he has access to reserved material. Keep the material away from prying eyes, in addition to everything that passes through your hands. Discretion is also applicable when choosing the right clothing for the work environment.


Keep in mind that punctuality is a manifestation of seriousness and formality. Not only to get to work but also when delivering a job as in compliance with schedules and / or schedules assigned to each task.


This is an indispensable virtue if you are a secretary; Enraging has never worked, it only serves to unload our nerves on others. We must maintain tranquility when things do not go as expected. If you are nervous, restrain your impulses and do not let yourself be dominated by them.


A secretary must be organized, without excuses. People who relate to you should have confidence in you and be confident that they will have the requested work in a timely manner. On the one hand, this means that you have to try to achieve the objectives to which you have committed, but it also means not acquiring commitments that can not be fulfilled or warned.


Loyalty is another essential characteristic for the position. However, loyalty does not mean just staying in good times and bad. It means that we realize the weaknesses of our superiors and do not reveal them, we defend, if necessary, those who work with us.

It also covers dedication to work, giving and wanting the company to be successful in its endeavors and to work for it.


Having tact implies doing what is due at the right time. Do not be nice, but see if the person is satisfied. Solve a problem without giving explanations and without avoiding responsibility. For example: A check is not signed. We are not responsible for this fact but we serve the person and handle the situation.


Responsibility is vital in a secretarial position. A professional avoids making mistakes of any kind, behaves diligently before visits and sticks punctually to schedules, maintains the order of the office and is discreet on the phone.…